Minanawe Marketing offers a unique service that exclusively focuses on understanding the main market consumer and activating face to face brand encounters for this consumer segment.

The new, emerging and growing middle classes (LSM 3 to 8)

Consumer Insights and Qualitative Research


Generate real actionable consumer insights around your brand and brand category.

Understand consumer buying and consumption behaviour, experience the consumers life for yourself and develop informed and ground breaking marketing plans.


  • Consumer Insight Development

  • Consumer Immersions

  • Concept Inovation & Crafting




Events and Promotions


Our point of difference is that we have unparalleled access to the main market through our roots-up approach. Minanawe has unmatched ability to take creative concepts developed for the brand and craft these into face to face brand activation concepts which are unique and results orientated.

Brand Encounters

  • Experiential Face to Face Marketing

  • Event and Promotions Management

  • Instore and Consumer Sensory Promotions

  • Conferences and Roadshows

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School Activations

Instore & Wholesale Activations









Brand Innovation